TX Sen. Ken Paxton: I Will Not Tolerate Battleground Texas' Illegal Behavior

TX Sen. Ken Paxton: I Will Not Tolerate Battleground Texas' Illegal Behavior

Texas State Senator Ken Paxton eviscerated the Democratic Party and their Efforts to manipulate elections in the State of Texas with Battleground Texas. The letter, obtained by Breitbart Texas, comes on the heels of the latest James O’Keefe undercover video exposing a seemingly illegal data mining effort on the part of Battleground Texas to help elect Wendy Davis. Texas law does not allow confidential information to be recorded or copied from voter registration forms. Battleground Texas operative Jennifer Longoria was caught on tape instructing others to do this very thing — in an effort to help elect Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.

Breitbart Texas has provided State Senator Paxton’s letter in full:

“It is an absolute outrage that out-of-state interests would come into Texas in an effort to fraudulently influence our elections as a means of turning Texas into another Democratic state.  We saw the left bus in pro-abortion advocates to the Capitol over the summer for our landmark pro-life debate.  We have seen the left use federally-funded employees known as “Obamacare Navigators” to encourage people to provide false information as part of their application for health coverage.  Now we have Battleground Texas employees deliberately and openly committing voter fraud by unlawfully transcribing voter information obtained from registration cards.

This is Texas and, as Attorney General, I will not tolerate this type of behavior.  Texans will govern Texas.  President Obama, his administration, and Battleground Texas have their sights set on the Lone Star State because Texas is an eyesore to the Obama administration because our success stands in complete contrast to Obama’s failed policies.   Our regulatory climate is fair and business-friendly.  Our part-time legislature lives under the laws it passes.  The Texas model proves conservative values and principles work.  Where Democratic states like Michigan, California, and Illinois are struggling to keep their heads above water, Texas is thriving.

Texans should be utterly outraged at the audacity of Battleground Texas and the Democratic lawyers who panhandle for them.  This is clearly voter fraud and I call on all Texans, regardless of party, to condemn this action and defend the integrity of our elections.  I have a record of protecting every vote.  I co-sponsored Texas’ voter ID law that requires a photo ID be shown in order to vote.  A constitutional republic is only as sovereign as its elections are honest.  I have led on this issue before, and I will continue to lead in the fight to keep Texas red.  As Texas’ next Attorney General, I will prosecute voter fraud to the fullest extent of the law in order to defend Texas and maintain the value of every vote.” 

State Senator Ken Paxton (McKinney)

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