Wendy Davis Ducks Hypothetical Obama Offer of Campaign Support

Wendy Davis Ducks Hypothetical Obama Offer of Campaign Support

AUSTIN, TEXAS–During a live interview with the Texas Tribune on Thursday, State Senator and Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis dodged whether she would accept a hypothetical offer of personal campaign assistance from President Obama.

The Tribune directly asked Davis, “If the president comes down and says ‘Senator Davis, I would like to campaign with you,’ would you campaign with the president? Or will you, like Bill White, suddenly have to be in Alvarado that day?”

In reference to President Obama’s planned engagement at the Civil Rights Summit in Austin on April 10, Davis seemingly offered a “Bill White” rhetorical dodge up front: “I’m definitely planning on being at the celebration. I’m excited about greeting [President Obama] there and our former presidents.”

Mainstream political media such as USA Today and POLITICO quickly reported from the conversation that Davis would welcome President Obama to Texas and would not shy away from photo opportunities.

President Obama already shares campaign assistance in the form of Battleground Texas Senior Advisor Jeremy Bird and other Obama for America alumni. Battleground Texas has recently been subjected to statewide media and governmental scrutiny due to recent allegations of Texas election law violations involving seemingly improper adherence to third party voter registration procedures.

State Senator Wendy Davis is slated to square off with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott in November. New Rasmussen polling shows Abbott holding a commanding 12 point lead among likely Texas voters.

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