Dueling HD 132 Op-Eds: Voters Deserve a Local Leader

Dueling HD 132 Op-Eds: Voters Deserve a Local Leader

Ann Hodge is a Republican candidate for the Texas 132nd House District.

This election is about you.

It’s about your jobs and your homes, your kids and their schools, your roads and the taxes you pay to build them. It’s about you.

And because this election is about you, your next State Representative should know you.

I’ve spent the past 31 years in Katy, fighting to improve our community. As President and CEO of the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce, I’ve worked with countless local employers and helped bring thousands of good jobs to this area.

I played a leading role in the Grand Parkway Expansion, and have worked closely with local schools to ensure high school graduates are either college-ready or career-ready.

And I’ve fought to protect life, working with the Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston to provide women with compassionate alternatives to abortion.

This community is my home. It’s where I’ve lived for three decades, where I’ve raised a family and where my five grandchildren go to school. It is my deep and abiding love for this community and its people that motivates me to seek elected office at this time to repay through servant leadership a small part of all our community has given me and my family.

My opponent, on the other hand, moved to Katy just in time to run for this office. In fact, he launched his campaign exactly one day after he became eligible to vote here in District 132. And though he’s never been a part of our community, he now believes he’s entitled to speak for our community in the Texas legislature.

This is not an isolated incident. In 2006, my opponent moved to West Houston to run for an open seat in the state house. He lost. Then he did it again in 2011, moving into a district near the Galleria. That district was eliminated during redistricting.

And now he has rented a house in Katy and brought his perpetual campaign to our community. He doesn’t own property here, doesn’t pay property taxes here, and make no mistake – should he lose this election, he’ll vanish as quickly as he appeared.

That’s because, to him, this election is about him. It’s about the voters of this district fulfilling his long-held ambition to be a state representative. The voters are the means to an end for him, as they were in two other districts. You deserve better.

You deserve a leader who has been faithful to this community and our conservative values, who has fought for our community in good times and bad, and who will stand by you till her dying breath.

My commitment to this community is evidenced by a lifetime of service. And as your state representative, I will never stop fighting for lower taxes, less spending, better roads, and more local control in education.

I may be running against the insiders and power brokers who handpick candidates through election slates, but this seat doesn’t belong to the insiders – it belongs to you. I will be a true representative for Cypress and Katy. I won’t owe anything to anybody, except you – the people of District 132. And that’s how it should be.

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