Dueling HD 132 Op-Eds: Texas Needs Experienced Leadership

Dueling HD 132 Op-Eds: Texas Needs Experienced Leadership

Mike Schofield is a Republican candidate for the Texas 132nd House District.

Now that the Republican primary–with its incredibly long ballot–is over, voters can focus their attention on the relatively few races in the May runoffs. I am honored to be in one of those races, seeking to represent parts of Katy and Cy-Fair in the Texas House of Representatives, District 132. I received 45% of the vote in a four-way race and am asking for your help in getting over the top.

I have personally knocked on over 5,000 doors in our district and have had the opportunity to talk to over 2,600 voters in their homes. In doing this, I have learned in depth the issues that concern our neighbors and have heard what they want from their representative. I have discovered that my conservative values are shared by the vast majority of Republican primary voters in our district and that voters find that my experience working with the legislature makes me ready to be effective in representing our district’s values from day one.

We live in very trying times. Our core beliefs of individual liberty, personal responsibility and traditional family values are under constant attack. The shame of it is that one of the primary attackers is the same federal government that was set up to protect our traditional values and way of life.

We have a federal government which has plenty of interest in dictating your family’s health insurance decisions but somehow can’t find the time to do its job of securing our border.

From Obamacare, in which the federal government is taking away the right of our families to make their own health insurance decisions, to attacks on state’s laws limiting abortions or requiring an ID to vote, to constant attempts to undermine our Second Amendment rights to own a gun, our own government is attacking our freedoms. We need to defend the Constitutional system of state’s rights and individual liberty while we still can.

When President Obama pushed states to give up control over their budgets by vastly expanding Medicaid, it was Texas that stood up and said “No.” Our Texas legislature is one of the main bulwarks that can stand up to protect our freedoms. I am the only candidate in this race who will oppose the Obamacare Medicaid expansion.

We need leaders in the Texas legislature who know how to stand up to the federal government and to those who would expand our state government by spending more of your hard-earned money – and who know how to win.

And we need leaders who will work to control our borders, fight for our Second Amendment rights and defend the sanctity of human life.

For the past six sessions of the legislature, I served as an advisor to Governor Perry. I was his lead advisor on the Voter ID bill, which will help insure fair elections; the eminent domain bills that protect your private property rights; tort reform; and the Tenth Amendment bills that seek to protect us from federal attacks on the rights of states and the people.

As a result of this work over the past decade, I am the one candidate with the experience and the expertise to be effective in defending our rights in the legislature from the very first day.

I know how the legislature works and I know how to get things done.  That is why I have been endorsed by Texas Right to Life and Texans for Lawsuit Reform.

I have the support of conservative groups including the Conservative Republicans of Harris County, Conservative Coalition of Harris County, Texas Conservative Review and the Link Letter , as well as pro-business groups such as the C Club and Houston Realty Business Coalition. They have seen what I have already done while working for the Governor and they know how much more I can do as your representative to fight to keep government from encroaching on our rights. You don’t have to wonder if I will really do what I promised – I’ve already been hard at work doing it.

I would greatly appreciate your support and your vote to be your state representative.

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