Longmire: 'Low Threat' Illegal Immigrants Never Show for Hearings

Longmire: 'Low Threat' Illegal Immigrants Never Show for Hearings

Breitbart Texas’ Contributing Editor and border security expert Sylvia Longmire recently explained to KTRH-AM Houston’s Morning News that illegal immigrants released from detention facilities due to their “low threat” status have a high likelihood of never showing for future immigration hearings.

“Several hundred thousand were released in just a year’s time and the vast majority of them never showed up for their hearings.”

Longmire’s comments to KTRH echo recent Breitbart Texas analysis on the issue focusing on individuals being released in south Texas with “documents that allow [them] to travel anywhere in the United States.”

Longmire recently expanded upon her views on the catch-and-release program further.

“While ICE is only releasing individuals it deems to be non-threats to national security, most of them will abscond and never show up for their immigration hearings,” Longmire said. “Immigration reform means different things to different people, but the inconsistency in how these band-aid policies are being applied is incredibly frustrating for people who want to see real change–and improvement–in one direction or another.”

Audio from the KTRH morning news segment may be listened to below.

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