Alice Linahan: Texans Must Stand Up to Common Core

Alice Linahan: Texans Must Stand Up to Common Core

Speaking before the Patriots Rally for Freedom event held in March in Martindale, Texas, Alice Linahan, a self-described “Ticked-Off Mom” and co-founder of the Women on the Wall organization discussed how liberals in education are involved in “dumbing down our children” and the collection of data on children without parents’ permission.

Linahan introduced her “CanISee™” program where she asks parents to go into their children’s schools and ask what their children are being taught along with other key questions.

Linahan talked about two Texas Ethics Commission complaints that were filed against her by State Board of Education member Thomas Ratliff. Both of the complaints where Ratliff claimed Linahan was an unregistered “paid lobbyist” were dismissed by the Commission. Linahan stated that Ratliff was, however, “a paid lobbyist for Microsoft.”

Linahan said the problem with his complaints were, “No one is paying me.  I am just a ticked off Mom fighting for my children.”

“We are not depending on elected officials to fix the issue of the Common Core philosophy of education pouring into all of our schools- private, public or charter–we are calling on all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and tax payers to go into the schools and ask three questions. CanISee™ what you are teaching my child? CanISee™ how you are teaching my child? CanISee™ who is benefiting financially from the curriculum my child’s teacher is being evaluated under?”

See Linahan’s entire remarks in the Breitbart TV video below:

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