Wayne Dupree: Texas Must Lead the Conservative Movement

Wayne Dupree: Texas Must Lead the Conservative Movement

Pledging to get the truth out despite liberal lies, News Ninja Wayne Dupree introduced two members of his team to talk about “The Texas 38” at a recent Patriots for Freedom Rally held near San Marcos, Texas.

“The Texas 38” refers to the 38 electoral votes now held by Texas.  It was a common theme of the day during the rally because of the Battleground Texas efforts to take those 38 electoral votes from the red states map and put them in the blue column making it statistically impossible for Republicans to win the White House.

“Texas you are the front-line. You are Texas’ 38,” Dupree said. “I love Texas because you are a proud state. You sense of Americana is strong. You are very independent and to top it all your love of God is huge!”

“We came because we want to help keep Texas red,” Dupree continued. “We want to support you good people. You are not alone and we are all the same, Americans. It’s just sad that some don’t realize that yet. We all bleed red, white and blue.”

Dupree introduced his co-hosts and Team Ninja members, Stacy Rush and Alyssa Krumm to give their perspectives in keeping Texas Red.

Speaking about conservatives’ use of Internet media to blast through the filters of the left-of-center news media, Stacy Rush referred to Andrew Breitbart’s impact on getting out the truth. “But Andrew Breitbart changed that forever when he decided he enjoyed being hated a whole lot more than he enjoyed being liked and decided his mission would be to take the media head on, destructing the old and making way for the new media.  New media that would not sell you sensationalism in sound bites but will tell you the facts allowing you to decide for yourself.  The new media like Breitbart, Truth Revolt, Tea Party News Network, and The Wayne Dupree Show.”

“Andrew encouraged each of us,” Rush continued “to become citizen journalists and expose corruption and truth and I challenge you to take not only Andrew Breitbart’s challenge but to take a cue from the President. Take up your pen and your phone and unleash your inner Breitbart. “

Alyssa Krumm spoke to the crowd about not ignoring the youth vote.  She strived to answer the question she often gets about how conservatives can win the vote of the youth of America. “I can speak for my own perspective,” Krumm began. “Most people don’t like my solution, because, it’s kind of simple.”

“One person, one conversation, one issue at a time.” Krumm stated. “We have to invest time and make our case.  Young people are open to listen, but we have to make our case.”

Krumm explained why conservatives are at a disadvantage when it comes to the youth vote. “The left owns education, they own the media, they are largely in charge of the culture, and for the most part, they own the government.”

“We have something on our side that they don’t” Krumm concluded. “We have the truth on our side, we have the facts on our side, we have history on our side and dare I say it, we have God on our side.”

She goes on to discuss how we can use these advantages to win over the youth vote. “America is looking to Texas to lead by example,” Krum flatly stated. “We need you, we need your wisdom, and Texas, we are ready to follow your lead.”

Dupree wrapped up their remarks by saying, “We came because we care,” referring to Texas and her 38 electoral votes. “We will fight along with you. You are not alone.”

See the entire Team Ninja presentation in the Breitbart TV broadcast below:

For more information about the event and the upcoming National Tour, please visit the Patriots Rally for Freedom website.


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