Ted Cruz: Texas Will Lead the Way in the Fight for Freedom

Ted Cruz: Texas Will Lead the Way in the Fight for Freedom

At the Texas GOP Convention on Friday, Senator Ted Cruz addressed a nearly-packed arena of enthusiastic Texans. He gave an impassioned speech about the steps that must be taken in order to restore liberty, which is “under assault,” in the U.S. 

Cruz jokingly began, “I spent all weekend in Washington, D.C. and it is great to be back in America.”

He quickly shifted gears into a more serious note when he said, “Texans had always led to way in the fight for freedom. From Dwight Eisenhower to Rick Perry to Rand Paul–all good principled men who have stood and fought for freedom. It’s in our blood, it is who we are.”

The hat tip to Perry and Paul is notable, as both will be Cruz’s opponents in the 2016 presidential election, should all three decide to run. 

“Today, liberty is under assault,” Cruz continued. “Like never before , our freedom is under assault and again today Texans will stand up and lead the fight to defend our freedom.”

Just because the political landscape may look bleak today, Cruz argued that Americans shouldn’t give up hope for a brighter tomorrow. He said, “There was a time when we had another president like President Obama. We had Jimmy Carter in the White House. If there’s one person thrilled with the job Obama is doing it’s Carter. All of us remember how quicly things can change. Reagan came into office [after Carter], fueled by the Reagan revolution.”

According to Cruz, there are several things that need to be done in order to make America free once again. 

He said, “We need to defend the Constitution. The Constitution is the most extraordinary document crafted in the history of the world, other than the Bible. [It was] a document designed , as Jefferson said, to bind the mischief of government. There’s a whole lot of mischief in Washington right now.”

Cruz then touched on religious liberties and mentioned Little Sisters of the Poor, a religious group that does not want to subsidize birth control for moral reason. “The federal government is trying to force them to pay for abortion,” Cruz said. “If you’re litigating against nuns, you’ve probably done something wrong.”

The audience cheered particularly loudly when Cruz spoke about education. “We need to repeal Common Core,” he said. “Education is too important to let it be governed by bureaucrats out of Washington, D.C. It needs to be at the state level or even better at the local level where parents have a direct influence. And besides, we already have a common core in this country, it’s called the Constitution of the United States.”

The Senator concluded by speaking about the economy. 

“Who’s been hurt the most by the Obama economy? It’s who are struggling the most,” Cruz said. “We get back to the free market principles that have been the American free enterprise system’s greatest engine for prosperity. We [must] unleash the American energy renaissance that is creating millions of high-paying jobs. We must audit the Federal Reserve. We [must] abolish the IRS. And we must repeal every blessed word of ObamaCare…Something incredible is happening and sweeping the state of Texas. In 1980 we saw the Reagan revolution–in the face of America getting weaker and weaker we saw a grassroots movement that said, ‘Get back to the very principles that made America the greatest nation in this world.’ That same thing is happening today.”

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