Oracle, Arizona Residents Stand Their Ground

Oracle, Arizona Residents Stand Their Ground

ORACLE, Arizona–Local Oracle residents opposing the importation of illegal alien minors from overcrowded Texas detention facilities to their town continue to gather, days after Murrieta-style protests marked their close-knit community. The crowd slimmed down to 15 to 20 local residents Wednesday, holding down the fort at the site of the previous days’ pro-legal immigration demonstrations.

The morning began with a small turnout that would then vary throughout the day. However what the crew lacked in size, they made up for in resolve. Each member of the crew expressed his or her commitment to made a stand for the community and country.

Speaking with those that came out, video captured some of the reasons each had for turning out and the responses varied one to the next. One of the most powerful came when Cindy Matthews (Heck) said, “I’m a military spouse. I was a resident here in Oracle. I was born and raised in Tucson and Oracle my entire life. It’s a shame to see that these people don’t want to become citizens the right way. I have no problem with immigration if it’s done the correct way. They’re using these kids just as an excuse to get their point across and it’s not happening. My family, my brothers in Afghanistan, we’re serving in Okinawa, we’re not serving for this purpose, to give our country away. That’s enough said for me.”

The residents that speak in the video are Cyrus Miller, Lois Black, Jackie Rice, Bruce Bemis, Marla Bemis and Cindy Matthews (Heck).

Two protestors opposing the anti-illegal immigration demonstrators returned for a second day and stood within  sight, just up the road.


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