Two Americans Killed Helping Israel Fight Hamas

Two Americans Killed Helping Israel Fight Hamas

FALFURRIAS, Texas–Two Americans were killed in the Israeli war against Hamas on Saturday. One of the men was a Texan with dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship. The two were killed when an APC they were riding in was struck by a Hamas anti-tank weapon.

The Texan was identified as Sean Carmeli, according to an article on the website JPUPDATES. The other American was identified Max Steinberg.

The identities of the men were confirmed by a government official who spoke to Breitbart Texas on condition of anonymity.

Carmeli was from the town of South Padre, Texas, according to his Facebook page. He attended Saint Joseph Academy, a private high school located north of the city of Brownsville, Texas. He was currently living in Ra’anana, Israel.

The two soldiers were part of a team of seven Israeli soldiers who were killed in the attack by the anti-tank missile that was fired from a home in Gaza, according to JPUPDATES

An Israeli intelligence officer said Israel has gone “far beyond its original parameters,” according to the JPUPDATES article. “We are no longer looking at just dismantling the tunnel network [from Gaza to Israel]. The goals of Operation Defensive Edge are now to cripple Hamas, so they will not be able to strike us again in a few years.” JPUPDATES cites BuzzFeed as their source for these comments.

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