Mexican Teen Lured Pregnant Woman on Facebook to Steal Unborn Baby

Border Crossing Into Mexico
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MCALLEN, Texas — A Mexican border teenager is accused of luring a pregnant woman on Facebook for the purposes of murdering her and cutting open her midsection to remove the unborn baby.

The grisly murder took place in the Mexican border city of Reynosa, just south of McAllen, Texas. The teenager who is only 17 years old remains in the care of the Mexican juvenile court system facing the two murder charges, Tamaulipas police investigators told Breitbart Texas.  Since the teenager is under the age of 18 her identifying information was not released.

Tamaulipas police investigators were initially notified of the murder by the staff at a Reynosa hospital when the teenager arrived with the body of the newborn telling the doctors that she had just given birth at her home and the baby had died. When the emergency room staff checked out the girl and the baby they called the Tamaulipas state police who interviewed the teenaged girl.

During the interview the story fell apart and authorities were able to learn that 8 months prior the teenager had in fact been pregnant but lost the child. In an apparent obsession with having a baby the teenager befriended a pregnant woman on Facebook and lured her to a shopping center in Reynosa from where she kidnapped her, investigators told Breitbart Texas.

The teenager took the pregnant woman to her home where she is accused of using a knife to kill her and slice open her midsection to rip out the baby.

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