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Mexican Border State Cop Murdered for Refusing to Rob, Rape Woman

A state police officer reportedly gunned down a fellow cop for refusing to rob and rape a woman in this border state. The murder suspect lashed out in anger at the refusal by his partner to carry out the crime in the suburb of Apodaca.

Tijuana Tunnel - Reuters

Mexican Authorities Discover Massive Smuggling Tunnel Before Completion

The latest in a long series of sophisticated cross-border smuggling tunnels has been discovered and seized in Tijuana, Mexico. Mexican police found the sub-surface project on Tuesday in a house adjacent to the Tijuana airport. Though it measured more than 500 feet long, it was still short of the US border.

43 Students Eduardo Verdugo AP Photo

Families of 43 Missing Mexican Students to Protest in U.S.

Parents and fellow students of 43 missing Mexican students plan to cross into the United States to protest questionable assertions of Mexican government officials regarding the sequence of events that those officials say led to the death and burning of the students last September. The protests are planned to hit 45 American cities in late March.

Mexican Police Convoy (Reuters)

Mexican Tourists Now Traveling with Police Escorts to the US Border

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — The ever worsening security situation in Mexico has led to a new mode of transportation for Mexican tourists that includes traveling in a convoy with police escorts at speeds of 100 miles an hour or more — all in an effort to avoid getting carjacked by drug cartels on their journey to the U.S. border.