Blanket-Wrapped Murdered Corpse Found on Texas Road Near Border

A sign directing people to Mexico in Laredo, Texas.
Brandon Darby

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — Police continue to look into who murdered and dumped a body wrapped in a blanket on the side of the road near the Texas border. While authorities have not said much in the case, the murder raises questions about yet another case of spillover violence.

The body was found this weekend when motorist spotted the body on the side of the road and called authorities information released to Brownsville Police revealed.

The victim has been identified as a 43-year-old man from Mexico who had a wire wrapped around his neck and a large gash on his neck, Justice of the Peace Linda Salazar confirmed to Breitbart Texas.

While details of the case have not been released, the way the body was found is similar to a method of execution used by members of Mexican organized crime called “Encobijado” or blanketed.

In a historical context, the process of blanketing a man involves cartel gunmen kidnapping a person, taking him to a secluded place and torturing him to death. A Tamaulipas law enforcement official who spoke with Breitbart Texas in general about the practice and has no direct knowledge of the Brownsville murder said it is generally used when a member of an organization has multiple drug loads captured leading the cartel to believe that he is either stealing or working with authorities.

“This is something that they do in Mexico for enforcement purposes within their group,” the official said in Spanish. “Usually they are beaten or suffocated with trash bags until the die.”

Once the victim is killed they are then left in a field or on the side of the road wrapped in a blanket and sometimes they are left with a message scrawled on a cardboard.

“I haven’t heard of this happening over there in Texas too much,” the cop said. “This is a bold statement; over there they don’t want to draw attention.”

Just this week in the Mexican State of San Luis, unknown individuals appear to have asphyxiated a 44-year-old man, wrapped his body in a blanket and then dropped him off near state capital, the Mexican outlet Hoy San Luis reported.

On February 19, Mexican authorities in the border city of Tijuana found a man who had been tortured with fire, beaten to death, and his body had been left behind wrapped in a blanket, the Mexican online publication Frontera.Info reported.

Earlier this month in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, unknown gunmen kidnapped, tortured and killed a yet unidentified man. The man was found wrapped in a blanket and with a black bag tied around his head, Mexico’s El Debate reported.

As reported by various Mexican news outlets similar finds have been made throughout February all over Mexico in crimes that have been tied to organized crime.

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