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Mexican Cartel Sicarios Crossed into Texas and Kidnapped U.S. Citizen

MCALLEN, Texas — A kidnapping cell from the Mexican Gulf Cartel crossed into the Texas border city of Sullivan and took a man at gunpoint from his house. The cartel sicarios then brought the U.S. citizen into Mexico where they held him for ransom. The kidnapping took place on August 27 in Sullivan City, Texas, after which the victim was taken on a raft over the Rio Grande and then taken to the Mexican border city of Reynosa, information provided to Breitbart Texas by Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office revealed.

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Zeta-Ordered Kidnapping in Texas Sends Five to Prison

Four men and one woman from the border city of Laredo, Texas have been sentenced to federal prison in connection with the kidnapping at gunpoint of a woman, and the attempted kidnapping of her daughter, under orders from the fearsome Los Zetas drug cartel.

Zetas Kidnappers