Federal Lawsuit Describes Conspiracies, Favors, and Corruption in Texas Border Town

border corruption Conspiracies, Favors, and Corruption
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WESLACO, Texas – A Texas border cop targeted by a witch hunt that resulted in his wrongful arrest has filed suit that describes conspiracies, favors, and corruption. The suit was filed in federal court against the former police chief, his lackeys, the former city manager, former city commissioners, the municipal judge, and the city.

Alvino Flores, a 15-year veteran at Weslaco Police and one of the top officials with the Texas Municipal Police Association, has been cleared of all charges after a grand jury handed down a No Bill. He now fights back against an apparent corrupt conspiracy that exemplifies the type of cronyism and favors that have made South Texas a national symbol of corruption. The lawsuit details the types of conspiracies, favors, and corruption that are commonplace and have led to the arrest and conviction of several south Texas officials.

Flores’ initial arrest had been reported by Breitbart Texas in July 2014 when he turned himself in to his fellow officers at Weslaco Police. He was charged with official oppression and some misdemeanor charges.

In the lawsuit filed by Flores and obtained by Breitbart Texas, he describes how city commissioners Jerry Tafolla, David Fox, John Cuellar (former), Lupe Rivera, and former city manager Leo Olivarez worked to target him since the union he led supported their political rivals.

Flores describes how he was blamed for having arrested the son of Lupe Rivera on the night the man allegedly beat and raped his common law wife. The case that created some local controversy and sensation.

The cop was also apparently blamed for the day that the entire city commission was arrested after they violated the open meetings act. They had kicked the audience out of an official city meeting. The local newspaper The Monitor reported the arrest of the city commission.

Once the commissioners took control of the city, they promoted a corporal named Sergio Ramirez to police chief passing over the entire command staff. According to the lawsuit, Ramirez promoted a group of his cronies and assigned them to conduct internal affairs investigations that targeted Flores and overlooked “exculpatory evidence.”

The lawsuit further alleges that when the local municipal judge Carlos Garza refused to sign the arrest warrant, Ramirez’s men “physically and politically intimidated the judge.

“The magistrate, Carlos Garza, failed to stand his ground and uphold the law,” the lawsuit stated.

Since the lawsuit was just filed, it remains unclear if the Ramirez, the commissioners, and the other individuals have been served or when the first hearing in the case will be.


Weslaco Lawsuit

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