National Sheriffs’ Association President Blasts Obama’s Silence on Cop Murders

Danny Glick, President of the National Sheriff's Association and Laramie County Sheriff's speaks about the White House's silence while law enforcement is under attack.
Breitbart News / Michelle Moons

SIERRA VISTA, Arizona — The president of the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) has called out the continued silence by President Barack Obama and his administration in regards to cop murders and the escalation violence against law enforcement.

“Across the country we are seeing a lot of violence directed at law enforcement and quite frankly what we don’t see is this administration stepping up front of it and saying enough is enough,” said NSA President Danny Glick during an interview with Breitbart Texas at the Southwest Border Sheriffs’ Coalition meeting held in this border city.

During the conference, Glick who is also the sheriff for Laramie County, Wyoming, met with his counterparts from various other states who all shared their concern for the physical attacks on law enforcement as well as the focus on supporting anti-law enforcement sentiment from many different sectors.

“We try and identify general issues that cross all boundaries,” he said. “I think this is vital enough, we are having law enforcement–people that live in these communities, grow up (in them) their kids go to the same schools, be assassinated and yet this admin can’t take the time to make this a priority announcement and let it stand on its own rather than dilute it with something else, that’s unacceptable.”

While the brutal execution near Houston of Harris County Sheriffs’ Deputy Darren Goforth drew national attention, there have been multiple violent attacks on police officers that are rarely discussed and the federal government has refused to acknowledge that law enforcement is under attack, Glick said.

“This is law enforcement, this is our community’s people that are being killed because of these acts and we can’t get a condemnation from the President of the United States — it is sad,“ the sheriff said.

In regards to the anti-law enforcement sentiment, those individuals are actually a vocal minority while the rest of the nation who supports law enforcement is in fact a silent majority.

“This is a time to be vocal,” Glick said. “Stand in unison and say this is unacceptable. Send a message to Washington DC and say if you don’t have time to do it we will do it at the local level and show you how it’s done.”

Ildefonso Ortiz is an award winning journalist with Breitbart Texas you can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.


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