Black Conservatives Launch New Documentary Project on Alinsky


Anita MonCrief may be best known as the ACORN whistleblower, but now hopes to add a new title to her resume, director. She launched a crowdfunding campaign where she hopes to get “Phase 1” of her project, The Children of Alinsky, funded.

“I could’ve taken this film proposal to a big organization, but that would’ve meant selling out my vision. I think the grassroots doesn’t want that. It’s time we cover what the Left calls ‘the solidarity movement’ in an honest way,” MonCrief told Breitbart Texas.

As veteran journalist Robert Stacy McCain points out, MonCrief was a friend of the late Andrew Breitbart. In 2012, Breitbart called on the movement to support MonCrief and protect her from the left.

Saul Alinsky has been a household name in politically active, conservative homes since 2008 when he was collectively realized to be one of the driving inspirations for President Barack Obama. Though he passed decades ago, MonCrief argues that he is more alive now than ever before.

Alinsky was also praised by Hillary Clinton early in her career when she wrote him a glowing, near love letter. MonCrief says that Black Lives Matters and other protest movements stem from Alinsky.

“Look at Chicago, Ferguson, Baltimore, San Jose. These protests aren’t popping out of nowhere. Paid protestors are being organized. Their goal is to cause disruption and chaos. I’m uniquely positioned to expose this tactic and explain it,” said MonCrief.

“I can best explain that through film.”

The Children of Alinsky (Phase 1) campaign hopes to raise at least $10,000 to conduct additional photography at the upcoming Republican and Democrat National Conventions.

MonCrief notes she’s already contracted an experienced director of photography and a producer. The whistleblower hopes to disrupt conventional distribution processes that have hampered conservative documentaries from reaching larger audiences in the past.

“We’re not just going to do this film, but we want to change the way films of this nature are done, promoted and distributed,” hoped MonCrief, “I plan to grow the team and our reach. We don’t want to be boxed in as just a conservative film. We want to produce something of quality that all Americans will want to see.”

Logan Churchwell is the Assistant Editor and a founding member of the Breitbart Texas team. You can follow him on Twitter @LCChurchwell.


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