Black Conservatives Launch New Documentary Project on Alinsky

Anita MonCrief may be best known as the ACORN whistleblower, but now hopes to add a new title to her resume, director. She launched a crowdfunding campaign where she hopes to get “Phase 1” of her project, The Children of Alinsky, funded.


‘The Red Pill’ Filmmaker Started to Doubt Her Feminist Beliefs… Now Her Movie Is at Risk

There is a documentary film on gender movements currently running a Kickstarter campaign that feminism would prefer never sees the light of day. You may be imagining some amateur film made by buffoons bumbling their way through a hit piece on feminism, but you’d be well off the mark. The film is The Red Pill by self professed feminist Cassie Jaye.


Celebrity Scientologists: 15 Current and Former Members

Alex Gibney’s searing exposé over the Church of Scientology debuted on HBO Mar. 29 to rave reviews for its comprehensive look at science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard’s notorious tax-exempt organization.

Wikimedia Commons

Harrison Ford to Narrate ‘Living in the Age of Flying’

Iconic actor and veteran pilot Harrison Ford, who is still recovering from crashing his vintage airplane on a California golf course two weeks ago, will narrate a documentary on the history of aviation for National Geographic Studios.

Harrison Ford Plane Crash

SXSW Doc Trashes Steve Jobs as ‘The Man in the Machine’

The world premiere of Alex Gibney’s “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” at South-by-Southwest in Austin was expected to be a celebration of the life and times of the departed founder of Apple Inc. Instead, the movie trashes Jobs and ridicules the global outpouring of emotion that greeted the Apple leader’s 2011 death. Gibney slimes Jobs as less than rock star or a writer of fiction, “but merely a man who sold us things.”

AP Photo-Shizuo Kambayashi