Glenn Beck Suffers after Ted Cruz Gamble

Gage Skidmore/Flickr
Dallas, TX

From Politico:

Glenn Beck’s dreams of building a dominant conservative media empire are faltering amid a tangle of lawsuits, financial challenges, plunging on-line readership, firings and political feuds.

Beck, who in his days as Fox News host was among the leading voices of the anti-establishment right, invested heavily to parlay that influence into a wide-ranging media enterprise including not just a syndicated radio show, but also his own television network, news website, movie studio, book publishing imprint and clothing line.

And now a lawsuit claims that perhaps Beck’s biggest bet of all — his endorsement of Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign — further undermined his appeal.

People who previously worked with Beck described his decision to devote himself to electing Cruz — for whom he hit the campaign trail and turned his shows into de facto infomercials only months after renouncing politics and the GOP — as a last-gasp bid for renewed relevance.

But as Cruz started falling behind eventual nominee Donald Trump, Beck grew increasingly strident, calling Trump a “narcissistic psychopath” who would lead the country into civil war, and picking fights with big name Trump supporters on the populist right.

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