Twitter Trolls Waste No Time Hitting Pence Aircraft Incident

Pence AC in mud
Photo: Michelle Moons/Breitbart

“LaGuardia” was trending on Twitter very quickly after the plane carrying Republican vice presidential candidate Governor Mike Pence skidded off the runway. Twitter tolls did not take long to start sniping at the Trump/Pence ticket. “Pence” instantly jumped into the trending column on Twitter.

@dmburrows posted a red baseball hat embroidered, “LAGUARDIA IS RIGGED.”

@Saintbridge, “So #Pence aborted a landing or something at #LaGuardia ??? Maybe I heard wrong. Thot he was again’ that kind o’ thing.”

Governor Pence’s staff, the U.S. Secret Service, and journalists were also on the plane.

Luckily there was no structural damage to the plane, as reported by Breitbart News’ Michelle Moons who was on the plane. “We skidded off the runway, the plane hit the tarmac not too abnormally, but bumpy, then the plane began to fishtail and then we now know that the big bumps we felt as we landed was us skidding off the runway into the grass a bit,” she said.

Governor Pence tweeted, “So thankful everyone on our plane is safe. Grateful for our first responders & the concern & prayers of so many. Back on the trail tomorrow!”

Kellyanne Conway, campaign manager for the Trump-Pence team assured followers:

LizzyEnlist4Hill quipped after the episode, “No brakes on the plane. Thank God Mike Pence is ok, but they should check Robby Mook’s itinerary for the day.”

It didn’t take long for Twitter humorists and trolls to get back to work.

DeplorableDebt(TM) tweeted, “Hmmmmm Killary trying to add to the Clinton Body count???”

Millennials4Hillary trolled, “Glad Pence is safe, but u kno your campaign is in trouble when a plane not crashing is the most positive story your ticket has had in months”

I’m Chuck, Dude! :) tweeted, “I’m waiting for the Alex Jones wing of cheeto brigade saying that Hillary made Pence’s plane go off runway at LaGuardia conspiracy to start!”

Deplorable Bonnie responded to a tweet by Van Jones @VanJones68, “What kind of man acts so hateful? Sadly I thought @CNN could go no lower @VanJones68 I have no words. @mike_pence Praise God you are OK.”

Van Jones @VanJones68 had tweeted, “Pence hit skids and winds up in a ditch. Also he has some kind of trouble tonight with his plane. #NeverTrump”

Jeff Gauvin @JeffersonObama charged, “Trump will now sue Pence’s pilots, #laguardia and his Secret Service detail.”

The Baxter Bean tweeted, “REMINDER: Republicans blocked $60 billion Infrastructure Plan that would’ve repaired airports like Pence’s LaGuardia.”

Frank Conniff trolled, “I’m sure that during the LaGuardia airplane mishap, Mike Pence kept his bigotry and homophobia securely fastened in the alt-right position.”

Jack Posobiec, Special Projects Director of @Citizens4Trump said, “LaGuardia tried to take revenge on VP Pence,” in response to a tweet by “Deplorable Kendra.”

Posobiec continued:

That drew a response from “Big Scary Jeb Lund – @Mobute:

But TheLastRefuge tweeted, “Like A Boss.  Thankful Gov. Pence taking pictures with first responders in New York (LaGuardia) after plane slid on runway.”

Before the scary landing in LaGuardia, Governor Pence tweeted during a ground hold at Laguardia, that he was enjoying some football on the tarmac in Iowa.

LizzyEnlist4Hill @MissLizzyNJ, “Let’s just dispel with this fiction that Mike Pence had to shoot down one of Hillary’s UFOs while on that plane.”

Lana Shadwick is a contributing writer and legal analyst for Breitbart Texas. She has served as a prosecutor and associate judge in Texas. Follow her on Twitter @LanaShadwick2.


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