Border Patrol Agents Attacked for Doing Their Jobs in Media

BP Agents assist alien
U.S. Border Patrol

Media outlets attacked Border Patrol agents for entering a “camp” run by an organization that harbors illegal aliens in the deserts of southern Arizona. The group forced agents who had tracked four illegal aliens into the camp to obtain a warrant prior to entering the camp.

The group, No More Deaths, who was harboring the four illegal aliens refused to allow Border Patrol agents to enter their camp despite the fact that agents had been tracking the group for nearly 18 miles. Agents were forced to surround the camp until a federal warrant could be obtained.

The group posted Thursday evening that “30 armed agents entered camp w at least 15 trucks, 2 quads and helicopter to apprehend four patients receiving care.”

Breitbart Texas reported earlier on Friday that the agents attempted to negotiate with the group who refused to allow the agents to enter the camp or question the migrants. Agents obtained a warrant and determined the four individuals to be in the country illegally.

Buzzfeed reported the No More Deaths group claimed the agents carried out a “direct and targeted attack on the humanitarian assistance we are providing during these hot and deadly days.” The implication in the article was that Border Patrol agents were callously putting the immigrants’ health in danger.

A Tweet posted by Tucson Sector Border Patrol officials shows the agents providing medical care to the immigrants.

Late Friday evening, Border Patrol officials reported that after obtaining the federal warrant, the agents questioned the migrants and determined them to be in the country illegally. One of the aliens, Lucindo Diaz-Hernandez, is reported to be a convicted criminal with a felony record of possession with intent to deliver more than 600 pounds of marijuana. He had also been previously deported. Agent later learned, the Mexican national also spent five years in a Mexican prison for drug trafficking.

One of the illegal aliens attempted to flee the camp, but agents stopped him from escaping into the desert.

“The group was assessed on scene by Border Patrol agents trained as Emergency Medical Technicians and found in good health, but were taken to a local area hospital as a precautionary measure,” Border Patrol officials said in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. “The professional medical staff at the hospital determined that the individuals did not require any further medical attention.”

One Border Patrol official told Breitbart Texas earlier on Friday, “Our BORSTAR agents are better trained to evaluate and treat these immigrants than any ‘medical camp’ operated in the desert.” BORSTAR agents are specially trained to deal with people suffering exposure to the dangerous heat and dehydration.

Breitbart Texas has reported regularly on illegal aliens in distress that are rescued by Border Patrol agents and BORSTAR rescue teams. Earlier this month, Pima County-Ajo dispatchers notified Border Patrol of a 911 call from a distressed alien in the desert.

Border Patrol agents found the man struggling for his life. BORSTAR agents responded with their emergency medical training, giving him immediate help. Agents called a Life Flight evacuation helicopter for transport. Life Flight flew the illegal migrant flown to a Tuscon hospital for treatment.

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