Mexican Father Who Shot Son’s Kidnappers Gets House Arrest for Christmas

Don Ramon
Breitbart Texas / Cartel Chronicles

A Mexican father who picked up an old rifle to rescue his son from a group of kidnappers will likely spend Christmas with his family after a judge placed him on house arrest instead of jail. He is still facing criminal charges in connection with the “homicide in a fight” of one of kidnapper.

Earlier this month, 66-year-old “Don Ramon” Merino, a former Mexican soldier and member of the town council in Tecamalucan, made headlines after he used an old rifle to fight off a group of kidnappers that were chasing his son. During the fight, one of the would-be kidnappers died from a gunshot wound and a second suspect sustained injuries. State authorities in Veracruz arrested Don Ramon as part of a homicide investigation. A judge ordered that he be held in jail for a year during his trial.

A new statement from the Veracruz Attorney General’s Office revealed that another state judge changed the charge to “homicide during a riot,” or a charge similar to manslaughter, and granted Don Ramon a term of three months of house arrest while the case went to trial.

The case sparked unrest in Veracruz where an ongoing turf war by rival cartels is causing a spike in kidnappings and executions despite constant official claims about improving security. Veracruz is one of the states in Mexico where authorities continue to find large mass graves and cartel killing fields.

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