George Floyd Protesters Vandalize, Deface Texas Capitol

Texas Capitol vandalized during George Floyd protest on May 30. (Photo: Twitter/Josh Head)
Photo: Twitter/Josh Head

Photos taken at the Texas Capitol on Saturday show protestors vandalizing the historical building and State grounds. The incidences occurred as George Floyd protesters turned violent in the capital city.

Demonstrators painted graffiti on a Capitol door and tagged other items around the legislative building.

A group of protesters toppled a historic fountain replica that is used by visitors and others. Those who overturned the fountain were captured in photographs as they damaged it.

Breitbart Texas reported that the protest on Saturday turned violent when instigators smashed the window of a Department of Public Safety trooper vehicle and turned a patrol car on its side.

Protestors descended on a DPS trooper car parked outside of the Governor’s mansion and broke out its windows.

One of the protestors was pinpointed for vandalizing property in the city and on State Capitol grounds.

DPS troopers tackled a man and placed him in custody after he allegedly spray-painted the Capitol building.

Texas State Representative James White (R-Hillister) told Breitbart Texas, “This is unacceptable, and we are glad that the government is finally going to put our foot down and not let it spread like in other states.”

The representative from East Texas added, “We cannot have this degradation of society.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared a “State of Disaster” on Sunday and authorized federal agents to act as Texas peace officers, Breitbart Texas reported.

Representative White said that the State Preservation Board immediately went to work to remove the Capital’s graffiti.

State officials closed the Capitol grounds and park on Sunday to prevent further vandalism to the building and historical monuments.

Lana Shadwick is a writer and legal analyst for Breitbart News. She is a trial lawyer who previously served as a prosecutor and family court associate judge in Texas. Shadwick can be reached at


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