Coulter on 'Token' Melissa Harris-Perry: There Is More Cholera in America than Racism

Coulter on 'Token' Melissa Harris-Perry: There Is More Cholera in America than Racism

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel, conservative commentator Ann Coulter weighed in on the controversy surrounding MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry’s remarks about former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s grandchild and her subsequent apology.

Partial transcript as follows:

COULTER: She apologized for making fun of children. Yes, liberals always do that to conservatives, whether it is conservative talkers, they will oust the relatives of conservative politicians, conservative pundits for sport. And it is an ugly thing when they go after the children, but that what is not what this was about. This was making fun of a child for his skin color. It was about race. And this is coming from the network that said Mitt Romney’s use of the word Chicago was racist. They haven’t heard of Al Capone at MSNBC.

HANNITY: Obamacare.

COULTER: Obamacare! Apartments. When Romney said apartments, Chris Matthews said that was racist because black people live in apartments, not in New York, with all the rich people.

HANNITY. A lot of people live in apartments. I lived in an apartment.

COULTER: But there is a special de-coding ring for racism and everything else, and then they make fun of an innocent child for his skin color.

HANNITY: But there is one point — there is a sinister side to this and that is the use of the race card and the gender card and the class-warfare card, it works. We’re going to see a lot of it this year.

COULTER: Well, as I wrote in “Mugged,” it was just about gone in this country and then the liberals, they, needed to start to playing it again to promote the most left-wing president the country has ever seen, Barack Obama. And there has been an explosion — I mean, if you had a graph of racism sightings, it was through the roof until the O.J. [Simpson] verdict and then basically completely disappeared between O.J. and Guiliani and Bill O’Reilly, on this network, going after Jesse Jackson, repeatedly. It just went away, it didn’t work anymore. It was like a subway token that didn’t open the gate anymore. And when Obama came back, wow, it just exploded again. But unfortunately for liberals, there is no racism America. There is more cholera in America than there is racism and so they have to invent it.

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