Frank Gaffney's Secure Freedom Minute: Belarus Debacle

Frank Gaffney's Secure Freedom Minute: Belarus Debacle

If you thought Obamacare couldn’t get any more screwed up, there’s this news: According to the Washington Free Beacon’s ace national security correspondent Bill Gertz, the Obama administration has been warned by U.S. intelligence that some of the software used at was developed in Belarus.

Now, Belarus is a client of an increasingly hostile Kremlin under Vladimir Putin. It has engaged in cyber operations that may have compromised internet traffic. If Belarus has gained access to Americans’ personal information, forget about your privacy.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers is right to call for an independent damage assessment. A U.S. administration that has lied about its health care initiative from the get-go, cannot be relied upon now to tell us the truth about its latest, potentially devastating security breach.


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