Palin to GOP Establishment: 'Get with It and Join Those Tea Party Patriots'

Palin to GOP Establishment: 'Get with It and Join Those Tea Party Patriots'

Following a speech she gave in Orange Beach, AL to the Baldwin County Republican Party on Friday, former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) sat down with Yellowhammer News’ Cliff Sims to discuss her role in the public’s eye and who to look at in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections.

Palin also discussed the divide in the Republican Party and had message for so-called establishment Republicans that disparage the Tea Party movement.

“They need to get on the side with Tea Party patriots who are working so hard as really independent individuals knowing that they have a responsibility in their own lives, in their own businesses, in their own local communities to do what is right. And then from there we grown that movement on a national level and we parlay the successes on that more local level nationally.”

“The Tea Party movement nationally is right,” she continued. “It’s full of just basic desire for the government to live within its means and abide by the Constitution. It’s not radical at all. So many in the Republican Party – kind of that establishment that has condemned those in the Tea Party movement: Simply put, they need to get with it and join those Tea Party patriots because that’s where the movement is.”

(h/t Yellowhammer News)

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