Breitbart's Gorka: 'Every American' Should Watch ISIS Beheading Video

Breitbart's Gorka: 'Every American' Should Watch ISIS Beheading Video

On Sunday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends Weekend” on the Fox News Channel, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the national security editor of Breitbart, discussed ISIS’s use of social media to further their cause by using it to bring in new recruits.

ISIS has released a number of beheading videos that have brought the terrorist group a lot of attention in recent weeks, those of which “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Clayton Morris said he had refused to watch. However, Gorka encouraged Morris and other Americans to watch the videos in order to have a understanding of the “brutality” of this enemy.

“Well, look, number one, I think you should watch it. Every American, everybody who stands for the values of this republic needs to watch these videos because then you understand the nature of the threat of the brutality of the people we’re facing. Who is doing it? They have a whole recruiting pool. It’s very, very slick. Think about one thing — just two weeks ago, Ayman al-Zawahiri, the head of al Qaeda issued a 55-minute lecture in Arabic. You’re absolutely right, that’s not going to bring you recruits. That’s not going to further your cause as a jihadist. These people do instant little messages. They do these short videos. They have a very, very professional audio/visual social media crew.”

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