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Levin Slams Costello for Palin Mockery

Levin Slams Costello for Palin Mockery

On Thursday, Mark Levin sharply criticized CNN anchor Carol Costello for deriving amusement of audio of Bristol Palin describing being assaulted to the police. 

Levin lobbed a string of insults at Costello and then said “that’s just me, talking like a lib.” And “wait a minute, I’m a conservative, we can’t say that about liberals.”

He criticized the double standard of the media and groups like NOW that devoted large chunks of airtime to the Ray Rice story, but have been amused by the Palin story, stating “have you heard anything from [NOW]? No. the media that runs to that organization when it comes to the NFL, did they run to that organization to get comments about what took place to Bristol Palin and the Palin family? No. This funny to the media.”

“No more about violence against women, equal rights, treating women with respect.  That’s out the window because Sarah Palin is a conservative…so anything goes right?”  He declared, adding that black conservatives get the same poor treatment.

Levin pointed out that it seemed the Palin brawl was “bigger than Benghazi,” and mocked then mocked the media for criticizing conservatives for talking about Benghazi while the media heaped coverage on the Palins.

Costello apologized for her remarks in a statement, but will not apologize on-air.

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