Chris Matthews: 'Democrats Don't Take Gov't Seriously'

Chris Matthews: 'Democrats Don't Take Gov't Seriously'

MSNBC’s “Hardball” anchor Chris Matthews railed against the Democratic Party’s handling of Ebola crisis and failure to instill confidence in the government’s competence on Wednesday’s “Morning Joe.”

Matthews argued that Democrats have “much higher stakes in this [the public’s perception of government competence] than the Republicans,” because “the Democrats are the government party, for better or worse, they believe in federal government.”

He then railed against Democrats and the Obama White House’s management, “I always wonder why the Democrats don’t take government seriously, why don’t we have a structure in the White House, of a Chief of Staff…who can fire people?” “People have to see how government works before they believe it will work. There’s no way to see into this administration, positively and see how it works.  Why wasn’t Ron Klain out there this weekend fighting as the czar.  If he was going to be the chief spokesman, even, let alone the chief executive of the fight against Ebola, why wasn’t he out on point?  They have to see how it works before they’re going to believe that it works.

(h/t Mediaite)

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