Barkley: Public ‘Too Stupid’ to Understand People on TV, Radio Have Hidden Agendas

In a portion of an interview conducted with Seth Davis of Campus Insiders, former NBA great Charles Barkley discussed his remarks on Ferguson, MO and the hazards of the destructive behavior regarding the Ferguson grand jury aftermath had on the African-American community.

Barkley reiterated his point that nothing positive comes from looting and rioting black businesses. However, he said of his critics that attacked him for being outspoken on this possibly have unrealized hidden agendas.

“Listen, nothing positive can come when you’re looting and rioting your own businesses,” Barkley said. “That’s not positive. It’s not constructive. It’s self-defeating. I can sympathize. I understand we had some tragedy in our community. But burning down our own buildings, looting our own businesses – that doesn’t help anybody. And that just makes the noise worse. You know, instead of getting to the problem and the issue, I think one of the reasons people come to me is they know I’m not afraid of any subject and that comes with a price at times. But I never have a hidden agenda. I’m going to honest and fair.”

“You know, most of the people on television and radio have a hidden agenda,” he continued. “But I think the general public is too stupid to understand that. Everyone says Charles is going to be brutally honest and straightforward – until they say I disagree with their side of the equation. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.”

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