Coulter: ‘Maybe You Take a Pause in Muslim Immigration for a While’


On Friday’s broadcast of “The Kelly File,” conservative commentator Ann Coulter reacted to the recent events in France involving Muslim terrorists killing 15 involving an incident at the offices of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

According to Coulter, this and other terror-related incidents can be tied to immigration policy in western countries, particularly regarding Muslim immigrants when assimilation has not been a priority.

“It may be a small minority, as the president and the president of France keep reminding us — this is not the majority of Muslims, yet and still it’s enough of them that maybe you take a pause in Muslim immigration for a while,” Coulter said. “Right now it is not true as another politically correct conventional wisdom I’ve been hearing over and over again on TV as well – ‘Our Muslims are different. We get a different brand. We’re so much better at assimilating.’ I’m sorry, have you been to the United States of America? We assimilate no one. The difference is we have a population that is less than 1 percent Muslim. It’s almost 10 percent in France. Do not act like Muslims have not been continuing to commit terrorist attacks since 9/11. I mean, right here in Times Square, the Boston Marathon, the Ft. Hood, two attacks there. There’s been about 60 attacks since 9/11. So, yeah, OK, that’s not the majority of them, but it’s more than the terrorism we’re getting from than say British immigrants.”

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