Woodward, Fournier Critical of Lack of Adults in Netanyahu, Obama Standoff

Monday on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” a heated debate went down between host Chris Matthews, Ron Fournier of National Journal and veteran investigative journalist Bob Woodward over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama’s disintegrating relationship.

Ron Fournier of National Journal said, “So obviously there’s this breach. Obviously the — because it started with Netanyahu — the relationship is going down the drain. We need an adult here. I was hoping that the adult in the room would be the president of the United States. It still has to be the president of the United States.”

Bob Woodward chimed in, “I think the president’s reaction is sincere. Netanyahu is a hard case, and there’s been — Ron says it’s going down the drain. Actually it was seven-eighths of the way down the drain kind of in the first year or two of the Obama administration.”

Ron Fournier said, “To be clear, I’m not saying make nice, but we have to figure a way out of this.”

Woodward concluded, “Ron is asking a good question — who is the adult in the room?  I’ve looked around the room and it’s vacant.”

Matthews then with incredible confidence declared,  “I waiting to see how Hillary Clinton takes this because she going to inherit this whole mess.”

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