AZ Sheriff: Drivers Licenses Now Seen As a ‘Right’ For Illegals

Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu (R) said that driver’s licenses have now become “a right or an expectation” for illegal immigrants on Monday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

“In the California law, Stuart, they actually — as a way to incentivize all these illegals to come and apply for this driver’s license, and they expect over 90% of all the illegals to do this, is they ease their fears saying they will not share any of the data, any of the personal information about the person coming forward with any other government agency. That should be alarming to all of us” he stated. Although, host Stuart Varney said that the DMV will share the info with law enforcement if they are asked.

Babeu continued, “what they need to provide is one of three documents. either a passport, consular matricula card, or an elections card. Now, the 20 million illegals who are here, next to none of them have a passport, which we all see as a trusted document. But these other documents are proven you don’t need to — in order to get that document, you don’t really have to do anything. you just show up and ask for one, essentially. and so if we’re using this document to now get a US government-issued ID that used to be a privilege, it used to be actually, not a privilege but it’s a license, right — this has now become a right or an expectation for all these illegals now under Obama to say, hey, this is their right to have a license issued, not a privilege as it always has been.”

He concluded, “if law enforcement asks for it, well, what are we asking for, the data of this individual that is flawed to begin with. And that’s where now this once secure document, government-issued ID, or driver’s license, there’s a lot of questions about it that even our federal government, the FBI, has testified that this is not a secure means to prove identity, and that’s the problem I have with it.”

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