Romney: Hillary Russia Uranium Story ‘Looks Like Bribery’

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that the New York Times’ story on the Clinton Foundation’s involvement in Russia’s acquisition of a company that holds large portion of the uranium mined in the US “looks like bribery” on Thursday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

Romney said, “I was stunned by it. I mean, it looks like bribery. I mean, there is every appearance that Hillary Clinton was bribed to grease the sale of, what, 20% of America’s uranium production to Russia, and then it was covered up by lying about a meeting at her home with the principals, and by erasing emails. And you know, I presume we might know for sure whether there was or was not bribery, if she hadn’t wiped out thousands of emails. But this is a very, very serious series of facts, and it looks like bribery.”

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