Fmr Police Chief: People Should Be ‘Concerned’ About If Baltimore PD Will Keep Working

Former Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Clark dismissed conflict of interest allegations against prosecutor Marilyn Mosby as a “typical front,” but said “people should be concerned, are the police going to continue to work?” on Saturday’s “Up with Steve Kornacki” on MSNBC.

Clark said, “this is the typical front that she is going to have to deal with in the city. She is going up against a culture. She’s trying to turn an aircraft carrier in a river right now. They’re going to look for any issue to derail her credibility at this point. So, they’re going to look into her family, they’re going to look into her. And these small issues are going to grow and they’re try to make her into an issue, and not what she is trying to get done there.”

He added, “what the issue is right now, is — people should be concerned, are the police going to continue to work? If I’m a police officer on the street, the leadership, which we have not seen, sets the tone. I’m a cop, we took a bat over the head yesterday. Whether we believe those guys are innocent or guilty, the world is looking at us as a bad department, I’m a bad guy. Do I really want to go out and risk my life now? The police run towards the gunfire. They run towards the robber. They come to the house when somebody’s beating someone, is what I do when I get there to resolve the issue now going to become a question that could make me lose my job and go to jail?”

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