Rush: Should the Left Stop Advocating Gay Marriage to Avoid Provoking Islamists?

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh asked if the same media criticizing the Mohammed Art Exhibit would stop advocating gay marriage because that could also be provocative to radical Islamists on Wednesday.

Rush said, “the militant Islamists command us not to draw cartoons or any other kind of picture of the prophet Mohammed, and our Drive-By Media and Democrat Party readily agree, ‘Ain’t no way that should happen! It offends them, and we shouldn’t do it. And when anybody does, and they get shot at, it’s their fault.’ To which I ask, ‘Well, now, wait a minute. The same militant Islamists who do not permit the drawing of pictures of the prophet Mohammed also do not permit homosexuality and do not permit gay marriage. And we know what their attitudes toward women are. Why don’t we respect those?’ Can you imagine? If you turn on MSNBC…you’re gonna see a total devotion to the concept of gay marriage. Isn’t that insulting to the Muslims who would be watching? And isn’t it then — would it not then be understandable if the Muslims watching take some kind of action against MSNBC for offending them?” And “Where do we draw the line on this? Where do we draw the line on those aspects of Islam that we’re going to respect and not offend them, and then on the other hand say, ‘We don’t care if it offends ’em; we’re gonna do it anyway’?”

He added, “But if the left says that Christians, despite opposition rooted in their religion, must pay for people who want to have abortions to have them — if the left says that Christians must, say, like at Hobby Lobby, must pay for any drug or whatever is necessary that facilitates an abortion, even though they have a religious opposition to it, by the same token, does it not make sense that the left should be demanding that militant Islamists pay for these conventions that have cartoon contests with the prophet Mohammed?”

Rush concluded, “my only [question is:] Where do we draw the line here in areas and various different religions in what we’ll tolerate of them and what we won’t?  I’m just asking.  I’m not advocating anything here.”

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