Coulter on Trump: ‘The People Want Him to be President’ ‘Absolutely’ Supporting Him

Columnist and author of “Adios, America” Ann Coulter declared of Donald Trump “The people want him to be president” and that she is “absolutely” supporting his campaign for president on Friday’s “Alan Colmes Show” on Fox News Radio.

Coulter began by arguing that Republicans should increase their share of the vote among white voters because there’s no way a Republican candidate could get enough of the Hispanic vote to win. She said this wasn’t meant to dismiss any other group, but wondered why it wasn’t considered dismissive for the RNC to say the GOP has to “suck up to Hispanics.” She added that Republicans “act embarrassed to be getting white votes.”

She continued that “the way they would do it, in particular, the way Donald Trump is doing it, would have a lot of appeal with African-American voters.” She cited the electoral history of California Governor Pete Wilson (R) and Proposition 187. She further maintained that Mitt Romney got the percentage of the young black male vote because of his support for strong enforcement of E-Verify.

Coulter also addressed the number of corporations who have cut ties with Trump and politicians who have criticized them, to which she responded, “The people want him to be president.” She later added that Republicans are “a disaster. They’re sucking up to their elite, Big Labor, Chamber of Commerce friends. Well, that’s not what the people want. The people have been boiling in rage. And by the way, the politicians know it. These same Republicans you’re citing denouncing Donald Trump, oh, when they want our votes, they act like they’re going to get tough on immigration. Marco Rubio ran for Senate denouncing John McCain’s amnesty plan, saying, [paraphrasing] ‘Comprehensive immigration reform is just, it’s a euphemism for amnesty. I have never been for amnesty.’ And then of course, he gets to Washington, all he does for three years is push amnesty. Renee Ellmers, the same thing. One after another, when they want our votes — oh, John McCain, who had an amnesty, then when he’s running for president, remember that campaign ad he ran with him walking along the border saying (paraphrasing), ‘Build the danged fence.’ So, I gather from noting what politicians lie about when they want our votes, they know where the people stand on this, and the people want control over who’s coming into our country.”

Coulter was also asked about a speech she gave back in 2011, when she called Trump a “clown” and criticized his donations to Democratic candidates. She said, “He’s magnificent now.” Coulter added that it was a “mistake” for Trump to criticize Mitt Romney’s rhetoric about self-deportation, but “we all make mistakes.” Coulter defended her change in perception on Trump, arguing Democrats underwent similar changes on John McCain and pointed to the immigration positions of Jesse Jackson and Cesar Chavez.

Coulter further criticized the government’s method of collecting crime data on immigrants vs. native-born Americans. She also blasted the comparison in crime rates between citizens and non-citizens as “BS.” Her and Colmes then sparred over which statistics were the most valid in determining crime rates among immigrants.

Coulter concluded by saying she’s “absolutely” supporting Trump’s campaign for president. But, among the other candidates she was looking for someone with “records and results” on immigration, which she stated rules out Rubio, Bush, Christie, and Perry, (and Kasich who she said was “ridiculous), and so she was torn between Ted Cruz and Scott Walker, but added she was still waiting for their response to Trump’s numbers.

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