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Harris-Perry: Black People Need Space to Be Fearful of Cops


MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry spoke Saturday on her show about African-Americans fear police officers at this time after recent deaths of blacks at the hands of police officers such as Sandra Bland and Samuel DuBose.

Harris-Perry first pointed out that nobody should be killed for not having their driver’s license with them and then asked if it is reasonable for African-Americans to be afraid of police officers and should have space to do so.

“Part of what I see when I look at that video is we consistently think it is reasonable for armed officers to be afraid of ordinary unarmed citizens who happen to be in black bodies but we don’t seem to think it’s reasonable for unarmed, ordinary black citizens to be afraid of police officers who are armed and when we know what the cultural space is that we’re in now and can we make some room for the fear that so many of us feel in a moment like that?”

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