On the Bubble: Graham Under 1%; Attacks Trump Plan as ‘Gibberish’

Monday on CNN’s “Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” Republican presidential candidate Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) criticized his rival Donald Trump’s immigration and ISIS plans.

Graham said, “I think it’s a bad practice to give citizenship based on birth. We have evidence of people buying tourist visas for the express purpose of coming over here and having a child as birth tourism. I don’t think that’s a good idea. But that’s not going to happen until we fix a broken immigration system. Donald Trump’s eight-page plan is absolute gibberish, that is unworkable. Mitt Romney said his biggest mistake as a candidate for president was embracing self-deportation. That hurt our party. Donald Trump’s plan is forced deportation. It’s not going to work. It is unworkable. This idea of invading Iraq and taking their oil is literally insane.”

Graham added that he “absolutely” agrees with changing citizenship based on birth, “After we fix our broken immigration system, that comes second, not first. And you might can do it statutorily, but what Donald Trump is not doing, is embracing a workable solution to a broken immigration system. We’re not going to force deport 11 million people. This is worse than self-deportation. We’ve got two problems as Republicans, Hispanics and women, and this plan is really just incredibly unworkable, and I think it’s going to hurt the Republican Party. We’re going backwards on immigration, not forward, as a party.”

On Trump’s plan to take Iraq’s oil, Graham said, “ISIL doesn’t just get money from clandestine underground oil cells. Donald Trump is suggesting we go back to Iraq, take the oil away from the Iraqi people, and give the money to our wounded warriors. He’s suggesting a ground invasion of Iraq by US forces to take their oil away from them. This guy is so unfit to be commander-in-chief. Anybody who would suggest such a thing, has no idea how that sounds in the Mideast. We’ve got soldiers in the Mideast right now, when somebody running for president would suggest that an American military force would come into their country, take their oil away from them, you’re making it very dangerous for those who serve over there right now.”

“Well, I think he’s tapping into frustration, I get that. But what’s going to change is, when I talk about how to fix immigration, and you can’t do it without Democratic support, a workable solution for the 11 million. What’s going to sink Mr. Trump over time, I believe, is solutions to problems that are real, like dealing with ISIL. I have never heard a military commander suggest that we go back to Iraq and take the oil away from the Iraqi people. He is not embracing a rational solution to destroying ISIL. He’s talking gibberish on foreign policy, and absolutely demagoguery on immigration. And over time, this will matter. We live in dangerous times. I’m ready to be commander-in-chief. And I can’t imagine any military analyst, any person who’s aware of the Mideast, the way it actually works, would suggest that Mr. Trump is making any sense at all, and this will be his undoing,” he added.

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