Steyn: Email Scandal ‘Devastating to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign’

Columnist and author of “A Disgrace to the Profession,” Mark Steyn argued that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is “devastating to Hillary Clinton’s campaign” on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Steyn said that while there is “no doubt” Clinton’s conduct with her email places her in legal jeopardy, “I think it does actually have a political component, when you listen to what Ed Henry was just saying about Tony Blair. Clearly all America’s allies were aware of the problem with Hillary Clinton’s system. And it does raise the question, how did foreign governments communicate with the secretary of state? Foreign ministers, more than heads of government get by on their personal relationships. And in this case, Hillary Clinton was unable to forge any personal relationships because by definition, communications from foreign governments are confidential and classified, for the very basic reason that if they’re not, then they’re not going to talk to you. So, if they can’t get in touch with her, if they have to go through Huma Abedin, or Cheryl Mills, or whoever, and then those two have to somehow relay the information to Hillary Clinton, it helps explain why for the four years, it seemed like America was kind cut off from the world. All the foreign ministers can talk to each other, but none of them could talk to Hillary Clinton.”

Steyn added, “Look, it’s obvious that the other guys, the good guys, the allies knew the problems with her server, so we can conclude that the Russians, and the Chinese, and the mullahs in Tehran, and all the other people did as well. And the question then, is what does Moscow or Beijing do with that information? there’s all kinds of people they can give it to who would find that information very useful. I think this is devastating to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Because there’s only two possible explanations. There’s a level of deviousness and criminality, which, as we discussed earlier, that you can cite different statues that she’s broken. If her defense from that is that simply she’s just a chump, she’s just an idiot, and she was out of the loop. Then that means she can’t run on her expertise and experience as secretary of state when she’s running for president. But the two things are connected. She — you know — you can’t — this is a disaster for her. Because it goes to competence. It goes to judgment. It goes to all the most basic issues you ask of a presidential candidate.

Steyn also stated, “I think what’s clear from the bubble she was in is that she saw herself as a Clinton first, and as an American government official second. She’s hedged in by Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and a couple of people who act as her gatekeepers. The world can’t get to talk to America’s secretary of state. But Sid Blumenthal, who we are expected to believe is a tireless charity worker, because he’s on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation, so tireless charity worker Sid Blumenthal gets to communicate directly with Hillary Clinton, because he’s part of the Clinton family circle. But major figures around the world aren’t. And that is the issue here, that she decided that she was a — she was essentially part of Clinton Inc., who happened to have a little part-time job working for the United States government, rather than as a full-time servant of the American people. This can’t go anywhere good for her, and I would be surprised if she can stick with this level of drip drip drip water torture all the way until Iowa. I mean, we’ll be talking Joe Biden and all kinds of other stuff before then.”

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