Chaffetz: ‘Planned Parenthood Is The New ACORN’

House Oversight Committee Chairman Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) declared “Planned Parenthood is the new ACORN” on Wednesday’s “America’s Newsroom” on the Fox News Channel.

Chaffetz said, “I want the American to know that the revenue to Planned Parenthood was $127 million more than their expenses. And as we go into these budget battles about should we give more taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood, they don’t need the money. They are flush with cash. They have so much cash that they’re sending that money overseas. They’re spending it on political activities. They’re spending it on first class airfare. They’re spending that money on private planes and chartered planes. They obviously don’t need the federal taxpayer dollars. … I think that the American public needs to know that these funds are often going to this non-profit, are going to the very political campaigns to get out the vote. They’re using shared services. They’re using shared personnel. They’re using these same offices. There’s — there are packs involved. All of this money is going to the Democrats. Why should federal taxpayers pay for that?”

He added, “I happen to think that there are other things we can do for women’s health that would be more — much more effective. There are more than 13,000 community health [centers] would love this money, instead of the just less than 700 Planned Parenthood organizations. Why should we get one that’s so involved in politics? Essentially, Bill, Planned Parenthood is the new ACORN. That’s who they are. Remember when we talked about ACORN? That is Planned Parenthood as far as I can see it, and why should we, the taxpayers, have to fund the Democratic machine that’s out there the in countryside? We shouldn’t have to do that.”

Chaffetz also responded to charges of sexism on his part, stating, “I don’t care her [Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards’] gender. What I care about is it’s a non-profit organization that’s supposed to be providing healthcare to women, and she’s taking nearly $600,000 in compensation, and, I think that’s worthy of understanding. When she first started there, she was making $250,000 less than she’s making now. So, you know, she’s making an exorbitant salary, about 150% of what the president of the United States makes. Why do the taxpayers need to subsidize that? They are very good at raising private money. We don’t, the taxpayers, need to pay a $600,000 tab for a non-profit organization. That is excessive.”

He continued, “I started the hearing by talking about what my wife does, when she goes and works with the plastic surgeon, and, working on breast reconstruction for cancer patients. I lost my mom to cancer. I lost my dad to cancer. I don’t need a lecture from Democrats, this holier than thou attitude that says that somehow Republican don’t care about women. I care very deeply about that. I happen to think we should quadruple the spending on cancer. If I could take this money, rather than paying for first class airfare, and these exorbitant salaries, I want to go fight cancer, that’s what killed my parents. So, let’s quadruple that. And I’m as fiscally conservative as they get, but let’s go spend money and fight and win the war on cancer. That’s what we should doing.”

Chaffetz concluded by stating he would vote against the CR that passed the Senate, but that it would probably pass the House.

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