Carson: Establish No-Fly Zone Along Turkish Border, Use ‘All the Facilities’ To ‘Inflict Pain’ on Putin


Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson argued for establishing a no-fly zone along the Turkish border and using “all the facilities that we have available to us…to inflict pain” on Vladimir Putin on Monday’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on the Fox Business Network.

Carson stated, “What we, I don’t think, should do, is back down from Putin, right now. We need to make him aware of the fact that we’re not going to alter our flight patterns. We’re not be restricted by anything that he says, same thing with ground, air we will — I would establish a no-fly zone along the Turkish border, because we don’t want the forces to be in juxtaposition, because that will increase the possibility of an international incident. And I would be talking to Putin, and he needs to understand that if he continues with this activity, we’re going to use all the facilities that we have available to us, including financial facilities, to inflict pain on him.”

Carson added, after being told of fellow candidate Donald Trump’s position that if Putin wants to take out ISIS, he should be allowed to do so, “I do not want to allow Vladimir Putin to expand his influence. That’s been his goal for quite some time now. He was very disappointed with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and its tremendous influence worldwide. We cannot contribute to his ability to re-gain that.”

He continued, “we need to have a global strategy, and it needs not only be in Syria, we need to be talking about the Baltic basin. We need to be talking about all of Eastern Europe. We need to be challenging him there. We need more than one armored brigade there — more than two armored brigades. We need to have a missile defense system re-established, which he was horrified when it was there before. Let’s get in his face a little bit.”

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