Shep Smith: Freedom Caucus ‘Demands’ Washington Grind To Halt, Wants ‘Disarray’

The Fox News Channel’s “Shepard Smith Reporting” host Shepard Smith argued the Freedom Caucus “demands” Washington grind to a halt and wants “disarray” while discussing House Majority Leader Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) pulling out of the race to become House speaker on Wednesday.

Smith said the Freedom Caucus wants “one of their own. Can those 40 members hijack the entire process, and if so, can our government function at all?”

He added that McCarthy was one of current Speaker Representative John Boehner’s (R-OH) “right hand men. He hadn’t been around in Washington very long. In fact, he’d sponsored just two bills, both to re-name buildings, nothing else in the way of legislative accomplishments, nothing. Yet he is too mainstream, too establishment, for the Freedom Caucus. So, they, reflecting the rants of their constituents, decided yesterday to support somebody else, as a unit.”

Later, Smith stated, “Unless Congress acts, our government will shut down. Members of the Freedom [Caucus] say that’s what they want, no compromise, without one, disarray, a level of government dysfunction virtually unprecedented in American history.”

He concluded, “Washington has officially ground to a halt, just as the Freedom Caucus demands.”

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