Kirsten Powers: Obama Admin ‘Really Misjudged Putin,’ ‘They Don’t Really Have a Plan’

USA Today columnist and Fox News Contributor Kirsten Powers argued the Obama administration has “really misjudged Putin,” and “they don’t really have a plan” on Friday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Powers stated, [relevant remarks begin around 11:20] that the Obama administration didn’t want to arm the Syrian rebels, and shouldn’t have before arguing, “the president, his mentality is, he doesn’t want to get into another war. He doesn’t want to be bogged down in the Middle East, and he comes into every situation with that attitude. And so they have really misjudged Putin, I think. They really have misunderstood what he’s doing, what he’s up to, and really have been caught flat-footed.”

She added, “they’ve been caught flat-footed, and so I think they’re trying to adjust, and they don’t really have a plan.”

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