Trump Hits ‘Low-Energy’ Bush, ‘Lightweight’ Rubio in Fox Sports Interview

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump appeared on Monday’s “The Herd” on Fox Sports 1 and discussed his fellow GOP candidates.

Host Colin Cowherd asked the real estate mogul if he felt that fellow GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush wants to be president or if he just feels “pressured” to be president. Trump explained that Bush would not be a good president because he is a “low-energy individual,” while the country does not need “low-energy” when it comes to dealing with China, who has “fierce negotiators.”

“I think [Jeb Bush] is under a tremendous amount of pressure,” Trump replied. “You know, I talked about a low-energy individual and I feel he’s a very low-energy individual. And if you’re dealing with China, these people send in fierce, fierce negotiators. These are fierce people and you know, we don’t need low-energy, okay?”

Trump then added that GOP candidate Marco Rubio is similar to Bush, calling him a “lightweight,” when this country needs “strong people.”

“I don’t think, frankly, Rubio is going to make it. I think to me, he’s a lightweight, okay? So, you see that and we need very strong people, because our country is being taken away like candy from a baby. It’s like candy from a baby. That’s what’s happening to our country and we need strong people.”

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