Leno: Trump’s Deportation Plan ‘Made It Sound Like Hitler’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” comedian Jay Leno stated GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s deportation plan “made it sound like Hitler.”

Leno said, “Trump made it sound like Hitler. Well, the Jews have so much, we’ll put them over here for a while, and then you can have his store. He doesn’t need the whole floor of Macy’s, let’s give a floor to this other guy.”

Host Bill Maher added, “If you’re physically rounding people up against their will, it wouldn’t be more than a week before there was some violent incident, and somebody who’s doing the rounding up is going to get hurt or killed by the people he’s rounding up, and then President Trump has to say, ‘Well, this won’t stand. You can’t be hurting our deportation force.’ And then it’s on. And then we’re having a war against the people who are actually here helping the economy with a smile on their face.”

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