Paul: Stop All Immigration, Visitors and Students from Countries with Jihadist Movements

Tuesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Hard Line,” Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) called on stopping “all immigrants, visitors and students” from countries with “large Jihadist movements” from entering the United States.

Paul used the example of the Boston Marathon Bombing refugee Tsarnaev brothers and said, “To make out country safer the first thing we ought to do is not admit people who hate us and want to do us harm.”

He continued, “If we have a vetting process, it’s not a very good one because we let a known bomber on the watch list in as a refugee, The problem is that we’re not doing a very good job. We have 11 million people in our country illegally, 40 percent of them are overstays on visas. If we know that why don’t we call them up and say ‘you’ve overstayed your visa. It’s time to go home.’ We don’t have the ability to do it. I would say why keep adding more people to a situation that we’re not in charge of now?”

He added, “I would say lets stop it all. Put a moratorium on it all. Not just the refugees — but all immigrants, visitors and students until we know what’s going on. We should put a stop to it if they’re coming from countries that have large jihadist movements, and it’s about 35 countries that we’ve listed in the bill.”

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