MSNBC Guest: ‘One Deportation Is Too Many’

Immigration activist Angy Rivera reacted on Saturday’s edition of “Melissa Harris-Perry” on MSNBC to federal law enforcement raids deporting families back to Central American countries.

Rivera said immigrants are “scared,” “angry” and “frustrated” right now. She also later added that the Immigrants Rights Movement and Black Lives Matter “have so much in common” to fight for because their communities are “under attack.”

“We’re definitely scared, angry, frustrated and I think it’s one of the biggest hypocrisies to say we’re going to give undocumented youth this deferred action program because we love immigrant youth and their families and then go on to deport 4-year-olds and their parents. To say these raids are just starting is not true. We’ve seen these for years under the Obama administration. We have deported 2 million people in his presidency.”

She later stated, “I think the Immigrants Rights Movement and Black Lives Matter have so much in common to fight for right now because all of our communities are under attack and this enforcement, right, is not just immigration, it’s also NYPD, it’s also FB and it’s all of us are definitely working together to make sure this does not happen because one deportation is too many.”

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