Maher: We Know Football Is ‘Brain-Wrecking’ — Either Ban It or Shut Up About It

On the Friday HBO show “Real Time,” host Bill Maher spoke about football and the movie “Concussion,” which attempted to bring to light the dangers of head trauma caused by playing football.

Maher went on a rant about people talking about the dangers of football, saying the players and fans enjoy it while knowing the dangers, likening it to joyriding, smoking or skiing. He also added that people should not get to “stop strangers from doing what or who they love” just because it is not who or what they would do.

“Football is a body-crushing, brain-wrecking game, but we all know that now so either ban it or shut the hell up about it. And I say that as someone who is not callous to the suffering. When I see a receiver go over the middle and get hammered, I always think, one, I hope that didn’t cause permanent damage, and two, ‘Did he get enough for the first down? Because we needed that play. Oh, he didn’t even hold on? What are we paying you you for?'” Maher stated.

He continued, “I would feel bad about the violence if the reason I watched was to see injuries, like NASCAR. But I watch it because it’s a great game and an unfortunate side effect is young men smashing into each other like demolition derby cars full of meat, and loving it. Alpha males have been fighting alpha males ever since the first Greek teenager told his friend, ‘Let’s take our clothes off and wrestle. It won’t be gay at all.’ Paul Walker died joyriding. He was doing what he loved. Some people smoke cigarettes, some ski too fast; some date Chris Brown. Oh, yes. Yes, Americans spend a lot of their time working on relationships. Unfortunately, they’re other people’s. If Rihanna wants to get back with Chris Brown or Hillary want to stay with Bill, that’s their call, not yours. You don’t get to stop strangers from doing what or who they love. Even if it’s not what or who you would do.”

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