Michael Eric Dyson: Trump’s Nationalism Is a ‘White Racist Supremacist Nationalism’


Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” author and radio host Michael Eric Dyson said presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is promoting a “white racist supremacist nationalism.”

Dyson said, “Donald Trump’s nation  doesn’t represent all of us. When he keeps — he wants to ban Muslims. He wants to keep immigrants out. He wants to build a wall. And look, at his rallies, when black people are pushed around, he then says, I will pay for the legal fees of this. I’m telling you, Donald Trump amplifies the worst instincts. And his nationalism is really a white racist supremacist nationalism that reeks terror on the American Democratic experiment.”

He added, “He was slow to repudiate David Duke. He amplifies the worst tendencies of the American experiment. I think the American people will reject him. I believe, I’m betting on the American people to reject that kind of vicious, narrow nationalism and racism.”

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